I offer professional hospitality consulting that will build your business,drive sales, create customer loyalty, enhance your brand,expand your network and grow your horizons putting guests at its heart.



My experience in marketing, PR and 16 years at the highest levels of the hospitality industry serve me to help hotels, restaurants, holiday home businesses and unique food businesses to improve their customer journey, staff engagement, growth and success.

EATS: From front of house, in the kitchen, deli counter to dining table, I see the business of food and drink from many angles. I see a journey, look to savour every flavour along the way and help you share the delights of what has been created in a way your guests fall in love with and return to. I will ensure your guests are hungry for more.

TWEETS: Communication these days comes quick and fast but the craft of good writing takes time. Time you could be spending elsewhere in your business. My writing captures the essence of great food and travel experiences, words that make your mouth water and your mind wander to exciting places. I provide enticing and exciting copy for blogs, social media, magazines and websites, create internal and external marketing materials and compelling training texts that engage the mind and drive actions.

LEAVES: Journeying over 70 countries in our amazing world and living in both Europe and Asia I can see things in with a global perspective.Travel is not just ‘being’ somewhere, it’s about meeting and doing. New characters, new lessons in life, new activities that push, pull, stretch and capture the heart, body and soul. I have built and run concierge services for luxury holiday companies and boutique hotels, filling holidays with memorable activities and inspiring experiences to making your guests feel they are the most important person in the world.

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