Who is laughing now???

Why do people laugh, balk, snigger or downright ridicule ideas that you might put out there? A defence mechanism? A put down? Geoff Thompson explained it nicely. I want to say to those around me who have laughed “I love you, but I don’t believe you” I don’t believe in your negativity, I will trust my heart and my soul.   […]

If you build it…you have to serve it well

“If you build it they will come…” So we can’t claim to have built it but Visit Cornwall helps to bring the people, now its up to the hotels, restaurants, cafes bars and pop ups to woo and wow, delivering outstanding hospitality consistently. This workshop is all about how… https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/future-proofing-your-hospitality-business-in-cornwall-tickets-24924199953

The olive quest…

Quests are a big deal. Lands have been discovered, people’s have been found, inner peace cherished – all on quests. Mine isn’t that bold or adventurous but it still fills me with some fear and anticipation. I should have written this ages ago, I have had pen poised on paper a million times and thoughts […]

Olives on my mind…

Standing in my kitchen in Cornwall while the cold winter winds blow the trees outside, I’m drizzling golden green extra virgin olive oil over freshly sliced tomatoes and dreaming of my childhood summers on the Adriatic coast of Italy. I know it’s not the right season to eat tomatoes, so I have no right to […]

THE POWER OF BOWIE – Customer Experience

Adapting to change is not a choice; it’s a prerequisite for survival. So says leading customer service trends forecaster WDS. In 2016, customer experience will be more important than ever before. In fact, 7 out of 10 business leaders claim that customer experience is now critical to their success (Forrester). As brands grow, competition increases and […]

Guest Centricity

  GUEST CENTRICITY is about putting guests at the heart of your organisation. I inspire hospitality owners and managers to improve guests’ journey, service delivery, performance, profitability, brand exposure and asset value. I build and develop customer loyalty to increase rebooking and referrals. I develop communications and marketing strategies for guest-centric ‘personalisation’. A good hospitality experience […]