Market Nadia (© Rebecca Dadson)

Market Nadia (© Rebecca Dadson)

There is a difference between a producer and a true artisan. I work with artisans to support their passions, network, grow their business and help them develop their marketing skills to take their amazing unique products to market.

As deli manager for Rick Stein, I was able to taste and select the finest foods from around the world for our customers. They ranged from the bucket and spade brigade wanting a small souvenir to wealthy food connoisseurs looking for the finest feasts. Every deli and food shop has a different target market, I understand how to find and fit to that market.

Every day people would send in tasters and pitch their products to me. I’ve seen it done successfully and I’ve seen many fail, often not because of the quality or taste of what they were making but because of branding, packaging, distribution and price point issues.

Moving from kitchen table to shop floor is a big step, actually a giant leap. My mentoring and coaching will help you set a clear direction, break down the journey into manageable steps, keep your head up and win sales. I want you to make a success of doing what you do and love it:

  • Find your place in the market
  • Build an appropriate brand
  • Pitch the product
  • Deliver
  • Build and Grow

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