“The essence of training is to allow error without consequence”

Your staff are your greatest asset; they speak and act on your behalf every day. Do you trust them to speak for you? Are they sending out the right messages?
We offer one to one mentoring or group workshops to help them see things from your point of view, and your customers. Our aim is to break down what exceptional service means for you as an organisation, translate it and get them to internalise it, so they can deliver it every time, without question.

A confident team is a happy team, able to deal with whatever issues come their way.

“Everyone has been raving about the two days spent with you  – it was a huge success and really made us all think about why and how we do things. I think we will see a huge difference in how the managers train their individual teams this year. THANK YOU for all your time, energy and enthusiasm and we are already looking forward to welcoming you back.” Julia D’Armenia Owner Director Ski Basics, Meribel, France.

Training is the essence of transformation and that is achieved with guided practice. This training is not a one off lecture, I will train your people in their own environment

  • to learn the values and offerings of your business for your customers
  • to understand and internalise them and
  • to communicate them in all that they do.


When drops of water come together, they can move mountains

When drops of water come together, they can move mountains