THE POWER OF BOWIE – Customer Experience

Adapting to change is not a choice; it’s a prerequisite for survival.

So says leading customer service trends forecaster WDS. In 2016, customer experience will be more important than ever before. In fact, 7 out of 10 business leaders claim that customer experience is now critical to their success (Forrester).

As brands grow, competition increases and success will start to be determined by a brand’s ability to adapt to the tidal wave of change in customer expectations. Darwin explained that forces of nature push species to change over time, customers have less patience with your service.

Think about the power of BOWIE, he constantly adapted and changed his style to reach new audiences. He was an artist and a true businessman who understood the public’s desire for discovery, for novelty and for exploration. He took his listeners on his journey and they worshipped him for it.

Have you got the Power of Bowie?david-bowie-installation-3

Who is your audience? What do they want to listen to? Are you giving them what they want while staying true to your identity?

We can help identify who your customers are, what they want and give you the tools to satisfy their changing desires so that they grow with you and become your most loyal raving fans, for life!

Call me to discuss how your company can harness the power of Bowie through customer experiences. Prices for workshops start from as little as £95 per person or £400 per day.

email or call me on 07947316713.

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