glassesI’ve not quite seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot in my time managing, serving and reviewing restaurants and eateries. I can help you see things from a different perspective.

Customer Journey Analysis

I get a total buzz from head to toe when I’m in a good restaurant, a bad one makes me want to cry. The customer journey starts long before they enter the door.  My experience and skills will help you  track this journey, analyse and use the knowledge to ensure the air is filled with the happy chink of glasses and chatter of customers, eating stunning food in the way you want them to, whether that’s fine dining in the City or cracking crabs in a shack on the beach.

Take your customers journey and make them feel like royalty by clicking here:

Customer Service Training

“The essence of training is to allow error without consequence” Orson Scott Card

Since one rarely gets a second chance with customers, good training is crucial. Your staff are your greatest asset, they speak and act on your behalf every day. Do you trust them to speak for you?

I offer one to one mentoring or group workshops to help the ‘team’ become just that, and see things from yours and your customers’ point of view. I will help you define the values and offerings of your business for your customers and help them to understand them, to believe them and to communicate them in all that they do. There is strength in a collective voice.With guided practice solid and long lasting transformation can be achieved.

Private Dining and Events

Every guest is a VIP; I can help you plan unique dining experiences that transport them into a world and class of their own. Join in some molecular gastronomy before the main event, catch your own then cook on a roaring fire or allow our teams of professional and experienced chefs and mixologists to treat you to the best of the best. Modern and minimal, fantastical and chic, wild and natural feasts for every occasion can be arranged. This might be at a stunning country house, chic club, down on a beach, a board a boat, or deep in the woods.

Some of my favourite Wild Feasts in Cornwall are: The Hidden Hut, Wild Wine Club, Rogue Kitchen, Wild Bake, Sam’s on the Beach.

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