Nadia’s Biscotti is my creative outlet, passion as well as a company. I specialise in hand-made Italian BIS twice- COTTI baked sweet biscuits and treats, all are produced from the finest quality natural ingredients. No compromises, no junk, no nasty refined ingredients, just organic flours, nuts, high quality light olive oil and natural sweeteners including maple and date syrup, agave and honeys, locally sourced where possible.

I make special favours and after dinner treat towers for your wedding or office party. I make perfect hamper fillers. I also supply the café, restaurant, bar, deli and high-end food store market.

Nadia’s Biscotti are made with love from my Nonna’s ‘secret’ recipe for Cantucci, tweaked and nurtured to celebrate natural ingredients at their best.


Double Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, Classic Almond & Pine Nut, Saffron, Orange Flower, Apricot & Cinnamon; Rose & Pistachio; Lemon Balm; Almond & Poppy Seed; Elderflower & Strawberry; Maple & Pecan; Pineapple, Lime & Coconut


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