Getting personal; making your business thrive.

 This masterclass is for hotel and restaurant owner/managers who are struggling to get repeat business or have suffered poor reviews. We walk the journey through your business with the guest in focus, to candidly assess each part of the business from brand values to service delivery, discover where there are threats and build on opportunities to plan to thrive.

Walk in your guests’ shoes. It’s time to get PERSONAL

£95 + VAT

Start the Season Strong

This is for those who  have to take on seasonal staff every year with limited time and resources to train them ready for visitors to arrive. Whether it’s summer staff or winter seasonnaires, you need them to hit the ground running on day 1.

More often than not by the time the staff are getting good at their jobs and working as a team it’s time to scale back again. This is a short day course that will get your service, products and values embedded deeply giving you confidence and peace of mind.

£50 + VAT per member (delivered in house group discount available)


Ready for the Big Event.

 This is a programme to prepare staff and volunteers to welcome people in and around your event, place or service. From launch party, press days, open days to special events this masterclass will go through the principles of good hosting to make sure everyone gets the right first impression.

Your major event will attract visitors from far and wide; your customer experience – from the welcome they receive at the event itself, how they are treated while they are there, to where they sleep, eat, drink and shop will have a real impact on whether they visit again or recommend you to friends and family.

You only get one chance, make it work.

£95 + VAT

 Holiday Hacks & Social Media Savvy

Words such as Holiday Hacks/ Bonus/Special/Secret etc. are thrown around in the media exemplifying and rewarding those hotels, restaurants and holiday companies who go above and beyond to look after their clients. A good guest centric experience is not just about the room or the food, in this ultra competitive climate businesses have to do more to woo and wow their guests to ensure they come back for more.

It’s not just bloggers and vloggers, with the help of social media, every individual guest is the master of their own brand. Dining or staying with you adds content and context to that brand. We will help you create memorable experiences that enhance their brand experience and in turn your own. Understand and respond to your guests’ needs and you will experience positive success.

Be a part of the inspired hospitality movement.


“Hoteliers are starting to really listen to what their guests want. It’s all about surprise and delight, the key to making the guest feel special. It’s all part of the inspired hospitality movement”.  

Rachel O’ Reilly Head of Comms at Kuoni

Rave Reviews and Loyal Fans

This workshop is for those who want to guarantee rave reviews.

Having reviewed over 300 restaurants, hotels and holiday homes for international guidebooks, newspapers, magazines and websites we are uniquely positioned to help you understand how professional critics assess service, ensuring they attract good media and customer attention every time you open your doors.

I will show you how to use ‘secret shoppers’ and make journalists and bloggers your most loyal fans.


5 Star Service on a backpacker’s budget

For those who need their seasonal staff to deliver 5 Star service with limited resources and time.  This informative course engages staff to be guest centric, use simple service touches that will make a big difference.


Email to join a course or discuss running the course within your organisation


“Everyone has been raving about the two days spent with you  – it was a huge success and really made us all think about why and how we do things. I think we will see a huge difference in how the managers train their individual teams this year.

THANK YOU for all your time, energy and enthusiasm and we are already looking forward to welcoming you back.” Julia D’Armenia Owner Director Ski Basics, Meribel, France.

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